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North Brabant is home to a remarkable knowledge infrastructure for leisure. As an independent organization, the Leisure Academy Brabant connects this regional knowledge with leisure themes. Our purpose is to cultivate knowledge and to see it put to use to increase Brabant’s attractiveness as a place for studying, working, doing business and living. Part of our job is to draw attention to the available knowledge, acting as a point of access to the region’s knowledge and innovation infrastructure.

Target group
The Leisure Academy Brabant focuses on the triple helix of education, government and entrepreneurs in the province of North Brabant. Our students and/or researchers are active in all of these areas.

Leisure Academy Brabant in short

  • A digital platform for educators, government representatives and entrepreneurs to share knowledge and news
  • A database of experts and fields of expertise
  • A location for meetings, set up jointly by the triple helix, on current leisure developments
  • A point of connection between students and researchers and regional projects
  • A sparring partner for government agencies and businesses
  • A link to the (inter-)national network, for instance CELTH, IAAPA and WLO



“Every year, 5.3 billion euro is spent in the Brabant leisure sector.”


“100,000 individuals are employed in the leisure sector.”


“The sector accounts for some 9% of provincial employment.”